Undertaking my training in person centred supervision at Metanoia was an incredible experience. I found it challenging, exhilarating, emotional, exciting, frightening and a further voyage of self discovery all at the same time.

It certainly challenged me as a supervisee. What was I getting from supervision now but more importantly what did I want from supervision. I realised that I wanted more, I wanted to be more real, be more challenged and to think about what I was missing in my clients. I wanted to reflect more on the process of my clients and my own process at the same time.

City SquareThis was all really difficult to communicate to my supervisor because although I felt that I wanted to be more challenged and to be more real I couldn’t tell them how that was going to work or what I wanted them to do differently. We worked through this openly and honestly together and I believe that I am now able to offer more to my clients as I am more able to reflect on the process and I feel more challenged in doing so.

As your supervisor I want to offer you the level of supervision that you want whilst maintaining my own ethos, values and beliefs. Let’s work collaboratively and reflectively, holding the person centred conditions, focusing on the relationship that you offer to your client whilst maintaining a strong relationship ourselves.

The definition of to collaborate is to work with another person or group in order to achieve something. It can also mean to betray others by working with an enemy, especially an occupying force. The relationship between supervisor and supervisee is paramount to the process, mirroring the importance of the relationship between you and your client. As you could not be open to the clients experience and block their process your supervisor could do the same to you. You need to be able to be open and honest with your supervisor therefore your supervisor needs to offer you a safe place to do that.

My commitment to you is that I will do everything that I am able to offer you that space and the necessary conditions to be able to reflect on your process to better inform your counselling practice.