Julie Murrell, counselling services Marlow and MaidenheadI am a qualified counsellor, counselling supervisor and a trainer. I currently own a busy private practice in Bisham, Berks and also work with a local counselling agency and an Employee Assistance Programme. Since starting my training in 2001 (person centred counselling and qualifying with an advanced diploma in counselling) I have also achieved a BSc (honours) in reflective therapeutic practice and qualified as a supervisor. Furthermore I am an accredited member of the counselling governing body BACP since 2010. In my previous career I was a trainer and have since used those skills to run counselling workshops and training days for other counsellors and supervisors.

I have experience of the business world having worked for some major health, financial, banking and vehicle leasing organisations . People fascinate me and I am known as a listener rather than a talker. Even when I was a bank manager I was often told by customers how good I was at listening and understanding their needs. I became a trainer and my passion for seeing people grow and develop to enable them to follow their dreams and know that I had played a small part in that was immensely fulfilling.

On coming to a cross-roads in my life and faced with redundancy I chose to look at who I was and what inspired me. Listening, a deep interest in people and getting personal satisfaction from seeing other people grow and develop led me to counselling and I haven’t looked back since.

Away from my working life I have always enjoyed the outdoors, food and travelling. During my own personal development I have come to realise the importance of balance in my life and rather than compartmentalise work and hobbies I find I am incorporating the two. I think better outside rather than sitting at a laptop, so if I need to write, or produce ideas for a workshop you will find me outside, walking in the woods or by the river. I nourish my creative side by baking and developing new flavours for cakes which I love to share with friends. I have family and friends in the Far East so enjoy travelling to that part of the world and love experiencing the different cultures and how that makes people different.

I resisted some of the more alternative ways of being for many years, things like mindfulness, yoga and nature but now I have opened my mind to embrace them I can welcome the benefits to me whilst not changing who I fundamentally am.

BACP registered & accredited